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The History and About our Club

Dirt Karting has been a popular sport for over 60 years and was first introduced as a fun past time for war weary RAAF pilots. The first machines were very simple affairs back in that time. However, the machines and motors of today are as technically advanced as any level of motor sport in the world.
Whether you are looking for adrenalin pumping action, or a fun day out with the family, then Dirt Karting may be just the thing for you.
Karting is competitive and top drivers race extremely finely-tuned machines at high speeds with all the thrills that open-wheeled racing has to offer but without the usual high costs involved. The sport of Karting is fast becoming a very popular past time for both male and female alike. It is an inexpensive way for the whole family to enjoy the thrills of motor racing, catering for children from seven years right through to grandparents!
Morgan Dirt Kart Club is a well-established sporting club that provides excellent facilities for its members as well as visitors and spectators to enjoy motor racing at family friendly meetings.   Club members have worked hard to develop the club’s facilities and run the race meetings with  members and other volunteers doing  track maintenance, managing the canteen, officiating at meetings and also provided ongoing encouragement and support to drivers, especially young and new drivers.  In 2012, the club successfully hosted the South Australian Dirt Kart Titles at which 268 drivers/karts competed.  
Club race meetings are strongly supported by drivers from around the state and meeting regularly host average between 90 and 150 karts nominated drivers from all classes.  Gender or age is no barrier with the youngest Midgets aged just 5years old, Rookies aged 8 years through to older drivers in their late 60s and even older.  Our governing body the Australian Independent Dirt Kart Assoication (AIDKA) ensure the rules of racing provide strong guidelines and help develop excellent sportsmanship as well as a healthy respect for the importance of driving safely.  
Race meetings at Morgan Dirt Kart Club are well attended by community members of Morgan and neighbouring regions with many people travelling an hour or more to enjoy top class racing.   
We now have a club and track we are very proud of with strong membership and regular support of volunteers and spectators.  We encourage family membership, and value good sportsmanship, respect, doing your best, having a go and a spirit of generosity in helping and supporting others in our sport.  
Contact a club official if you'd like to know more or check out the calendar for the next Education Day when you can arrange to try dirt karting for yourself.